Gaphor on macOS

The latest release of Gaphor can be downloaded from the Gaphor download page.

Older releases are available from GitHub.

CI builds are also available.

Development Environment

To setup a development environment with macOS:

  1. Install homebrew

  2. Open a terminal and execute:

brew install python3 gobject-introspection gtk+3 gtksourceview4 adwaita-icon-theme gtk-mac-integration

Install Poetry using pipx:

pipx install poetry

Clone the repository.

cd gaphor
poetry config true
poetry install
poetry run gaphor

Packaging for macOS

In order to create an exe installation package for macOS, we utilize PyInstaller which analyzes Gaphor to find all the dependencies and bundle them in to a single folder.

  1. Follow the instructions for settings up a development environment above

  2. Open a terminal and execute the following from the repository directory:

poetry run poe package