Gaphor is modeled around the concept of Services. Each service can be registered with the application and then be used by other services or other objects living within the application.

Since Gaphor already uses the zope.component adapters, it seems like a good choise to use zope.interface too as starting point for services.

Each service should implement the IService interface. This interface defines one method:


where application is the Application object for Gaphor (which is a service itself and therefore implements IService too.

Each service is allowed to define its own interface, as long as IService is implemented too.

Services should be defined as entry_points in the Egg info file.

Typically a service does some work in the background.

Example: ElementFactory

A nice example is the ElementFactory. Currently it is tightly bound to the gaphor.UML module. A default factory is created in

It depends on the undo_manager. However, on important events events are emited. (That is when an element is created/destroyed).

What you want to do is create an event handler for ElementFactory that stores the add/remove signals in the undo system.

The same goes for UML.Elements. Those classes (or more specific the properties) send notifications every time their state changes.

But.. where to put such information?


Currently a plugin is defined by an XML file. This will change as plugins should be distributable as Eggs too. A plugin will contain user interface information along with its service definition.

See also

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